Track expenses.

File taxes.

Bank your business.

All from your phone.

Your 1099 solo business keeps you on the go.  Use a finance app as mobile as you are.

You need an assistant

If you work for yourself and report 1099 income on your taxes, BossTax App can help you keep track of your finances, file your taxes, bank you and your businesses, and access lending.  Automatically, and all from your phone.


Stop typing and start snapping.

We automatically read your receipts and organize them, for every business you want to track. Plug in your bank or credit card accounts for automatic deduction finding.


File with confidence, right from your phone.

Answer a few questions to file your income taxes right from your phone. Federal, state, and all localities.  Get help, do it yourself, or hand it all over to a tax professional.  Sign from your phone and you’re done!


Untangle those finances.

Set up a separate bank account for your business activities and manage it all, right from your phone.  Seamlessly move money around, deposit checks, get cash, and make payments.  Set aside money for your taxes all year long or make payment arrangements.  Apply for a line of credit to help your business grow.


Tax Assistant

Matching expenses to the right business, categorizing them, adding them up.  The endless questions — what was this for?  Should I deduct this?  Didn’t I have something else…?

Download the app and get organized for free. 

We'll do the math

Take pictures of your receipts – we’ll add them up and categorize them.

We'll search for deductions

Plug in to find more deductions – don’t worry, our partners use state-of-the-art encryption.

We'll get you filed

Our tax module lets you file yourself, file with help, or turn the entire filing over to a tax professional to get you filed easily and accurately.